September 8, 2008

Voyage to the Planets. - Em class planet 'Thor'.

'As we know, every day billions of tons of precious minerals and metal ores are transported and processed in numerous foundries across the Empire. Before that happen, all these materials have to be mined somewhere. There are thousands of mining worlds, new ones are discovered every year. The planet you can see above, Thor, is a mining planet with long history. First colonists arrived here almost six centuries ago. The first tiny settlement have grown up into planetary mining-city with 26 million population. Thor is small world, only 4.430 km in diameter. Majestic ring system around it is a remnant after relatively large moon that Thor once had. Thor is so mineral and metal rich world, that even Six centuries of mining haven't depleted it yet. Specialists estimate that we've mined only 20% of this planet's treasures so far.'

Metal rich geo metallic Em class planet: 'Thor'


Matt Scheuerman said...

That's ILM worthy. Awesome painting.

Lauren Johnson said...

I like this one too.