September 1, 2008

Voyage to the Planets. - P class planet 'Hödr'.

Voyage to the Planets - P class planet 'Hödr'.

'Attention all Passengers. This is your Captain. We've completed an orbit insertion maneuver, you can safely unfasten your seatbelts.

In a couple of minutes, above your heads, looking through the glass dome, you will be able to observe P class planet - frozen tundra world with two moons orbiting it.

It's name is 'Hödr', after the Nordic god of winter.

The planet orbits star Tau Ceti, just 12 light years from our Solar System.

Tau Ceti is similar to the Sun in mass and spectral type. Scientific research proved that Hödr was once in habitable zone around it's star. The life-rich terrestial world with large oceans, just like Earth. However cosmic cataclysm (probably gravitational influence from nearby gas supergiants or even rogue planet) ejected Hödr from it's original orbit. Now it's orbit is a bit larger than Earth's, which makes it cold, frozen place.

Hödr is 16800 km in diameter, larger than Earth. With a little lower density Hödr's gravitational acceleration is only a bit stronger than on Earth surface.

Science expeditions have found both flora and fauna remnants on and below the surface.

Additional data and info is available, ask our guides for it.

Enjoy the view, we will not stay long here, there are dozens of planets to be visited.

Thank you for your attention.'

Enjoy the trip

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