February 15, 2009

A class - Odin.

Odin - Class A Gas Supergiant

captains log 3414 rq713 d:r523/02/12-1450

We arrived to Odin (class A planet). We have detected some anomalies during hyperspace exit, but nothing to bother about. These anomalies are probably caused by enormous magnetic field around the planet mixed with unusal activity of nearby star. It interferes with our communication systems, however we are safe for now, ship's radiation shields installed just before the journey are working great. There shouldn not be any problems after we leave this system. Now we are preparing to dock to Dedalus station orbiting one of Giant's moons, safely hidden from planet's magnetic field.

captains log 3415 rq713 d:r523/02/13-1740

Docking procedures finished, refueling and resupplying ship in progress. Our theories about anomalies were confirmed by Dedalus' scientists, star's activity should decrease significantly in next standard days*.

captains log 3416 rq713 d:r523/02/15-1054

Ship resupplied and fully fueled, we are leaving Dedalus station. I have made decision to increase our orbit radious around Odin to about 50r** in time of 1 SD. Passangers are really pleased, they like watching complex clouds of the gas giant so much that they almost begged me to stay here for another 3 days. I could not agree for that, our radiation shields cannot take that much, even with decreasing sun's activity, 1 SD is all I can do for them.

captains log 3417 rq713 d:r523/02/16-2012

Hyperspace jump calculated, all jump-drives fully charged. Crew and passangers prepared. We are ready to jump out of this system.

* Standard day (SD) - in The Empire 'Standard Day' measures exactly 24 hours (1440 minutes) - Imperial unit system will be covered in next episodes;
** r - planet's mean radius (for Odin it is 78920km).

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